Waste Cooking Oil Collection
Serving the Reigate, Redhill, Merstham, Burgh Heath, Kingswood, Banstead and Tadworth areas of East Surrey

I am one of a small number of private individuals in the UK, recycling used cooking oil to make Bio Diesel for personal use. This process is carried out under exemptions issued by the Environment Agency and HMRC. Waste cooking oil is collected for recycling, free of charge from local pubs, restaurants and other food outlets.

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Collection methods.

I have two types of collection method.

1) I can supply you with bulk storage, either 100 or 200 litre, depending on your normal usage. I then decant from this container into 20 litre drums for transport. As required I'll remove the bulk storage container for cleaning and return it usually the next day.

2) I can supply you with 20 litre containers which can be easily carried to and from the kitchen as required. When required I will collect full containers and replace them with empties ready for reuse.

If an alternative method suits you better then I'm more than happy to be flexible and accommodate your requirements.

The collection area will always be left clean and tidy.

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I can help with regular and efficient oil collections.